Our Products and Services

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Fuel available:                                       100LL        $4.40   Cash                                                                                                        
                                                                                   $4.55   Credit
                                                               Jet A          $3.75   Cash
                                                                                   $3.90   Credit

Parking:                                                 Tiedowns
                                                               Single engine $5.00/night
                                                               Twin engine $10.00/night
                                                               Jet $15.00/night
                                                               Helicopter $10.00/night
                                                        One night tiedown free with purchase of fuel

Hangar                                              Transit Hangar space available
                                                                     Single Engine                $35.00/night
                                                                     Twin Engine                   $45.00/night  
                                                                     Helicopter                      $50.00/night
                                                                     Turbo Prop                     $50.00/night
                                                                     Jet                                   $75.00/night

Other services:                              
                                                               Car Rental (on field) 304-636-4436
                                                               Valley Rent-a-car 304-636-8931
                                                               Enterprise  304-637-7600
                                                               24 Hour Self Service Fuel
                                                               Crew Car  2 HR  5 Mile

Local Lodging:                           
                                                   SUPER 8                               304-636-6500
                                                   DAYS INN                               304-637-4667
                                                   Hampton Inn                           304-630-7500
                                                   Issac Jackson Motel              304-636-1400
                                                   Holiday Inn Express              304-630-2266
 Restaurants                             DUKES STEAKHOUSE      304-636-8786
                                                   BOB EVANS                         304-636-6910
                                                   WESTERN STEER              304-636-2373
                                                   APPLEBEE'S                       304-637-0680

Recreation:                               Rafting, Hiking
                                                   Camping,  Backpacking, Fishing, Hunting,
                                                   Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Golfing, Bicycling
Places to Visit:
                                  Seneca Rocks,Smoke Hole Caverns,Seneca Caverns,
                                  Blackwater Falls,Dolly Sods,Cass Scenic Railroad,
                                  Timberline,Canaan Valley State Park, American Mountain
                                  Theater, Stonewall Jackson Lake and Golf Course,
                                  Randolph County Community Arts Center, The New Tygart
                                  Flyer Excursion Train, Greenbank National Radio               
                                  Observatory, Elkwater Fork Cabin